Why Did My Succulent Grow Tall?

Why Did My Succulent Grow Tall?

Succulents are usually dense and low growing plants. They have thick fleshy leaves that hold lots of water, and their broad leaves help them soak up energy from the sun. However, succulents can grow tall and be sparse with leaves, causing them to become “leggy”. Most gardeners have at some point asked the question; “why did my succulent grow tall”?

Reasons for Succulents Growing Tall

Succulents grow tall due to lack of light. As a result, the plants will grow longer stems as they “search” for a better light source. Also, succulents will grow smaller leaves in order to save energy since they are not receive enough light. The leaves may also have a lighter color than normal.

Plants that are looking for more light will usually bend towards it. Moving a succulent closer to a light source or in a brighter area usually fixes this issue.

Succulents can also grow tall if they are receiving inadequate water, or they are in a pot that is too small.

Too much or too little water causes a succulent to wilt. If this continues the plant will die very quickly. Most succulents should be watered once or twice every 2 weeks, but the amount of water depends on the species.

Click Here for an in-depth look on succulent overwatering and underwatering.

Succulents should always have 1-1.5 inches (2-4 centimetres) of space between outermost leaves and the edge of the pot. If there is less space, then your succulent may grow tall because there is not enough room. More on succulent potting and care Here.

Why Did My Succulent Grow Tall? Can it be Fixed?

Yes, tall succulents are fixable. Providing a better light source such as a southern facing window or a grow light causes plants to grow more dense. Proper watering creates a healthy plant and a large enough pot allows succulents to grow dense. Fertilizer is also an option that helps succulents grow shorter stems and larger leaves.

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