Why Did My Succulent Grow Tall?

Why Did My Succulent Grow Tall?

Succulents are usually dense and low growing plants. They have thick fleshy leaves that hold lots of water, and their broad leaves help them soak up energy from the sun. However, succulents can grow tall and be sparse with leaves, causing them to become “leggy”. Most gardeners have at some point asked the question; “why did my succulent grow tall”?

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The Best Plants to Grow with A Guide

The Best Plants to Grow

The world is full of beautiful and unique plants. Thankfully, most of them can be grow at home and around the world. This opens up many opportunities to experiment and find plants that speak to you. There is no single best plant to grow. That is to say, there are so many amazing plants to consider growing based on the grower’s needs and preferences. As a result, this article will give you the best plants to grow in each category of plant organisms.

Best plants to grow - A flower field

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Succulent Aesthetic and Garden Design

Create Succulent Aesthetic Through Garden Design

Succulents bought at stores come in boring plastic pots in plain soil. While the plants themselves look beautiful, their surroundings could be much more attractive. As a result, observers will lose interest in your potted plants. Here are some tips to help design a beautiful, attractive, and unique succulent garden. Continue reading to find tips on boosting your succulent aesthetic.

Improving succulent aesthetic through terracotta pots.

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